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NIBE air source heat pump range

Swedish company, NIBE, has been manufacturing heat pumps globally for 40 years. Their industry-leading air source heat pumps not only look great, they also offer the highest levels of performance and functionality.

NIBE ASHP range features

  • Incredibly quiet thanks to Owl Wing fan design, producing maximum sound power levels as low as 50 decibels
  • Intuitive control with smart connectivity
  • Compact units available in four sizes: 6kW, 8kW, 12kW and 16kW
  • Cascade and hybrid options to suit a wide range of properties
  • MCS approved for Renewable Heat Incentive applications
  • 7-year warranty when commissioned by a Nu-Heat engineer
  • Pair with our EnergyPro® cylinders for domestic hot water

When connected to the internet, NIBE Uplink® and new, smart myUplink®, provides a quick and simple way to monitor and control the heat pump and feedback on system performance.

It’s intuitive to use, meaning that you can optimise the air source heat pump’s energy consumption, keep an eye on running costs and create the perfect level of comfort in the home.

Why choose a heat pump from Nu-Heat?

As a MCS accredited company, we know what it takes to design an efficient system that effectively heats a home, whilst also keeping running costs low.

Our systems include tailored project schematics and all system components and fittings as standard, for a quick and smooth installation that is backed up with lifetime technical support.

Why choose nu heat infographic

NIBE heat pump system schematic

Which unit will I need?

We will take factors such as the size of the property, location and domestic hot water demand into account to select the right size heat pump for the project.

Technical specification

Model F2040-6 F2040-8 F2040-12 F2040-16
CoP at 7/35 ̊C (kW) 3.5 4.3 4.5 4.53
Power output at 7/35 ̊C (kW) 7 9.2 12.5 16.9
Operating voltage 230V 50Hz
Max. outgoing heating medium temp. 58°C
Height with stand (mm) 791 945 1045 1500
Width (mm) 993 1035 1145
Depth (mm) 364 422 452
Weight (kg) 66 90 105 135
Sound pressure level at 2m free standing* (dB(A)) 36 40 43 47
Sound pressure level at 6m free standing* (dB(A)) 26.5 30.5 33.5 37.5
Sound pressure level at 10m free standing* (dB(A)) 22 26 29 33
Max sound power level (dB(A))** 50 54 57 61

* In accordance with EN 14511 for heat source entry at 7 ̊C / hot water flow at 35 ̊C.
** Free space
*** In accordance with EN-12102

Positioning the unit

NIBE air source heat pumps can be installed on almost any kind of terrain and are supplied in a range of sizes to suit small, medium or large homes and even light commercial buildings.

  • Place F2040 outdoors on a solid level base, preferably a concrete foundation; do not place it directly on a lawn or other non-solid surface. If used, concrete slabs must rest on tarmac or gravel.
  • The foundation should be positioned so that the lower edge of the evaporator is at a minimum of 300mm above ground level. Areas that are prone to standing water or heavy snow should take this into consideration when selecting the appropriate height above ground level.
  • The F2040 should not be positioned next to a habitable room or to inconvenience neighbours. We can help calculate this to meet MCS020
  • Condensation water should be directed to a drain or similar.
  • Positioning should be in accordance with local planning guidance.

how to position the unit diagram

Distance from the property

For a heat pump using 32mm (DN25) insulated plastic pipe connections between the heat pump and property the maximum distance permitted is shown in the table. This will be checked at the design stage. If your project falls outside these criteria please speak to your Project Engineer.

For full details please refer to the NIBE F2040 Installation Manual available at www.nibe.co.uk.

Heat Pump Max Distance
F2040-6 99m
F2040-8 99m
F2040-12 79m
F2040-16 23m

Energy efficiency fiche

Model F2040-6 F2040-8 F2040-12 F2040-16
Temperature application ( ̊C) 35 55 35 55 35 55 35 55
Seasonal space heating energy efficiency class, average climate A++

Rated heat output, average climate (kW)


5 8.2 7 11.5 10 14.5 14
Annual energy consumption for space heating, average climate (kWh) 2089 3091 3882 4447 5382 6136 6702 8431
Seasonal space heating energy efficiency, average climate (%) 188 138 172 127 174 132 176 134
Sound power level LWA indoors (dB) 35
Rated heat output, cold climate (kW) 4 6  9 10 11.5 13 15 16
Rated heat output, warm climate (kW) 4 5 8 8 12 12 15 15
Annual energy consumption for space heating, cold climate (kWh) 2694 4610 6264 8844 7798 11197 10040 13629
Annual energy consumption for space heating, warm climate (kWh) 872 1398 1879 2333 2759 3419 3370 4183
Seasonal space heating energy efficiency, cold climate (%) 143 116 139 108 142 111 144 113
Seasonal space heating energy efficiency, warm climate (%) 252 179 225 180 229 185 235 189
Max sound power level LWA outdoors (dB(A)) 50 54 57 61


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