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EnergyPro™ and EnergyMaster cylinders

Nu-Heat supplies a new range of cylinders specifically designed to work efficiently with our underfloor heating and renewable products.

We offer a range of models that can be used with a gas or oil boiler, with flexibility to work with or without solar thermal input, and others that are suited to heat pump systems, again with the option of a second coil for solar pre-heat if required.

EnergyPro™ cylinders for use with boiler systems

Nu-Heat’s EnergyPro™ indirect unvented cylinders are designed for use with oil or gas boilers; they are factory-fitted with an electric element to backup the water heating system for short, intermittent periods.

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Twin-coil EnergyPro™ Solar cylinders

Nu-Heat’s EnergyPro™ Solar indirect unvented cylinders work with a gas or oil boiler as the primary heat source and feature a second coil linked to a solar collector system. An immersion heater is factory-fitted to provide short-term, occasional backup for the water heating.

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EnergyMaster cylinders for heat pump systems

Our EnergyMaster HP is a complete range of unvented cylinders, designed and developed specifically to work in conjunction with Nu-Heat’s range of heat pumps.

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