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Underfloor heating

EnergyPro™ hot water cylinders

Nu-Heat supplies a new range of cylinders specifically designed to work efficiently with our underfloor heating and renewable products.

We offer a range of models that can be used with a gas or oil boiler, with flexibility to work with or without solar thermal input, and others that are suited to heat pump systems, again with the option of a second coil for solar pre-heat if required.

Cylinders in Nu-Heat’s EnergyPro® range meet all relevant UK and European standards and are covered by a 25-year warranty.



  • Lightweight all-stainless-steel construction
  • Pressure tested to 10bar
  • Insulated in excess of the requirements of Part L, using CFC- and HCFC-free fire-retardant foam with a Global Warming Potential of 2.8, and Ozone Depletion Potential of Zero
  • Smooth-walled coils for good heat transfer and low pressure drop
  • Supplied complete with connection fittings, and G3 equipment comprising inlet group, tundish, temperature and pressure relief valve (factory fitted) and wholesome water expansion vessel
  • Optimum connection positions at the front of the unit for ease of installation, easy access and minimal space requirements
  • Connection for optional EnergyPro® Hot Water Loop
  • Powder-coated case


EnergyPro® cylinders for use with boiler systems

Nu-Heat’s EnergyPro® indirect unvented cylinders are designed for use with oil or gas boilers; they are factory-fitted with an electric element to backup the water heating system for short, intermittent periods.


 200  300
 Total capacity  200 litres  300 litres
 Capacity heated by boiler coil  200 litres  300 litres
 Standing heatloss  2.45kWh/day  2.71kWh/day
 Cylinder weight when full  240kg  353kg
 Boiler coil surface area  0.67m2  0.77m2


 Description  200  300
 Diameter  530mm  600mm
 Height  1450mm  1560mm
 T&P Valve  1205mm  1330mm
 SHWL return  975mm  1150mm
 Boiler flow  575mm  670mm
 Boiler return  225mm  280mm
 Cold mains in/solar return  190mm  215mm


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