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A lot of resources go into the production of food, so when that food is wasted, it’s harmful to the planet. The greenhouse gas emissions that go into the manufacturing, storing and moving of food all contribute negatively to climate change. Take bread for example: just a single loaf takes roughly 100 buckets of water to produce.

Studies show that if we were all to stop throwing out food, we would save roughly 17 million tonnes of carbon dioxide being emitted each year. This equates to one in five cars being taken off the road. If each person in the UK wastes around 68kg each year then an average household would be emitting 1,261 kg of unnecessary CO2 each year.

Reducing food waste means that less food will ultimately be needed to be produced, reducing the impact on the planet’s resources and also saving money for those doing the shopping!

We can reduce food waste by planning ahead and only buying what we need. Making new meals out of left-overs and freezing food for later also minimises what we throw away.

Source: BBC