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Not so much a downside, but a thinner low profile system does have less overall thermal mass compared to a more traditional screeded system. Essentially a screed system will take longer to heat up (meaning a slower response time) but will hold that heat for longer.

A retrofit system is thinner, so it will heat up quicker and respond faster – this is actually a real benefit with how we tend to want a system to respond and we are seeing our low profile systems used in new builds for exactly that reason.

The impact this will have on running costs is negligible, and in fact, a thicker, more traditional screed is more often that not, not even an option due to the height constraints in renovation projects. The cost of a retrofit system vs a sceed system is going to be higher due to the cost of the components supplied – this will include the boards or levelling compound as well as the pipework and controls. In a screeded system, we would not be supplying the screed, so it is really important to factor that in when looking at a cost comparison.