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Ofgem has set a validity period of 3 months for air source heat pump vouchers and 6 months for ground source heat pump vouchers. These voucher validity periods begin once Ofgem has approved the voucher application.

Should your voucher expire before your heat pump is commissioned and MCS certified, you will need to arrange with us to submit another application for the grant, putting you to the back of Ofgem’s processing queue. This is because Ofgem  processes voucher applications in batches.

Whilst this might just mean a delay to receiving the grant, there is also a chance that funds may be unavailable by the time your second voucher is redeemed. The government has capped the amount of money available for vouchers each year, so it is not clear whether the scheme could be either temporarily or permanently closed if the scheme’s funding allocation is reached.

This is one of the reasons why it’s important to make sure you get your heat pump installed as soon as possible, once it’s been delivered. By minimising delays early on, you will give you and your installer as much time as possible should installation and commissioning take longer than expected.