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Case studies

Installing underfloor heating for the first time

A self-employed heating & plumbing engineer describes his experience of branching out into underfloor heating

Installer: Richard Hooper, self-employed heating and plumbing engineer in Yeovil, Somerset

Installation experience: A self-employed plumber for the past 17 years, Richard is the go-to-man in his village for heating system maintenance and upgrades. He recently completed his first underfloor heating (UFH) install as part of his parents-in-laws’ self-build project.

“There are loads of UFH systems available”

“My Mother and Father-in-law liked the sound of UFH and were keen to have it in their new home. They asked me if I could install it. It sounded simple enough but because I’d not worked with UFH before, I decided to do a bit of prep beforehand. I spent a day on-site with one of my friends, also a plumber, giving him a hand to fit an underfloor system. Helping him out gave me some hands-on experience and an idea of what to expect.

“I also signed up to one of Nu-Heat’s UFH courses. There are loads of systems available and they’re all different, so it was nice to have a go at installing some product and to ask questions as I went along. It was really useful.”

“My first install went really, really well”

“Everything is drawn out lovely and clear on the drawings you are given so it’s easy to make sense of what goes where. Even the pipework itself came labeled so I knew which room or zone it was for. Setting up the manifolds is easy enough. The system went down nicely!”

“It’s a lot easier to fit UFH than rads

“I found it a lot easier to fit the UFH than rads. You lay it all and then that’s it – the heating is done.””

“It took a couple of days for me to fit the underfloor on both floor levels. The end result is so much better – there are no radiators to spoil the look of the home or pipework on show.”

“Give UFH a go”

“If you’ve not installed UFH before, my advice would be to go along to an install and give a hand to see how it goes. Get a feel for how you lay it, how you fix it and how you pressurise and commission it. That really helps. I’d also recommend going on a training course to build confidence and see what’s on offer.”

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