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Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating components

From manifolds to controls, all Nu-Heat underfloor heating, integrated renewables and hot water systems are supplied to specification, with a full set of high quality, tried and tested UFH components.

Fastflo® floor heating tube – guaranteed reliability

Fastflo® underfloor heating

Nu-Heat’s Fastflo® tubing is extremely flexible which means it’s easy to install around the numerous turns typical to any design. The use of multiple, shorter Fastflo® coils within each temperature control zone means the tubing can be installed at closer centres, making it suitable for low temperature heat sources such as heat pumps as well as gas and oil boilers.

Like all our ufh components, our Fastflo tube is quality assured to ISO9001 and is designed to the highest European industry standards; DIN16892 and DIN4726.

  • Highly flexible for simple installation
  • Ultra-light, easy to handle and uncoil
  • Guaranteed uniform wall thickness

Optiflo Manifold – the brains of a Nu-Heat system

Optiflo Manifold

Generally a pair of manifolds is provided for each floor to control the flow and temperature of warm water into the Fastflo® tubing. A Wilo pump and adjustable temperature control blending valve provide the motive force. Each pair of ports on the manifold serves a heating zone and has an electrical 2-wire actuator, a flow meter and a regulator. Flow and return temperature gauges, a pressure gauge and filling and drain point assist simple set up of all the zones from a central point during system commissioning.

  • Manifold comes fully assembled
  • Blow moulded stainless steel construction
  • Individual tube run isolation valves
  • Flow meters on each heating circuit

Innovative thermostat range

Nu-Heat neoHub thermostat range

Like all of our UFH components, our thermostat range has been carefully chosen to offer the very best control for a home.

They feature:

  • Smartphone App and web-based control options
  • Set-back facility for all thermostats
  • Improved zone control
  • Simple to use modern dial-type thermostats to fully-programmable networked options

View our full thermostat range

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