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Underfloor heating

Frequently asked questions

How does underfloor heating work?

A ‘wet’ underfloor heating system works by pumping a controlled flow of warm water from any heat source, such as a boiler or heat pump, through tubing embedded in the floor.

Is underfloor heating more efficient to run than radiators?

Yes, underfloor heating is up to 25% more efficient to run than radiators with a condensing boiler, and up to 40% more efficient to run with a heat pump.
Source: EuRay 2005.

Is my property suitable for underfloor heating?

All new UK properties will be suitable for underfloor heating, as they meet strict guidelines on insulation and air tightness. Older properties can have underfloor heating too, thanks to retrofit solutions that offer high heat outputs.

Is the make-up of my existing floor suitable for underfloor heating?

We have over 60 different floor constructions to choose from, so there will always be a suitable match. View a selection of our most commonly used floor constructions.

Should I choose warm water or electric underfloor heating?

Warm water underfloor heating (wwUFH) is best suited to whole property installations, offering low running costs and high levels of efficiency. It can also be added in to existing boiler and radiator systems, and used in conjunction with renewable technologies such as heat pumps and solar thermal. View our range of designed wwUFH systems and OneZone® kits for single areas.

Electric underfloor heating kits can be a good alternative for smaller bathrooms, kitchens and wet rooms where higher running costs are not prohibitive.

Can you use underfloor heating on upper floors?

Yes, with over 60 floor constructions, including specialist acoustic floor options to reduce noise, we have every situation covered.

Is underfloor heating suitable for renovations?

Yes, our low profile LoPro®10 and new LoPro®Max systems have been designed for renovations and retrofit projects.

Can underfloor heating be mixed and installed through old and new parts of a property?


Do I need a special boiler?

No, underfloor heating works with gas, oil and LPG boilers as well as heat pumps.

Can I link underfloor heating directly off a radiator circuit?

A LoPro®Max OneZone system can be linked directly from a radiator system. Full system solutions can work alongside any existing radiator system.

Will it work with my chosen floor covering?

Underfloor heating works with most floor coverings. Your system designer will take the floor covering into account when specifying the amount of tube needed in the floor to heat the room effectively. View our summary of suitable floor coverings.

Is underfloor heating disruptive to install?

The LoPro® range can be installed over any existing floor with minimal height build-up and on any floor level. With over 60 systems to choose from, options range from installation over solid floors to solutions that can be fixed from above or below joists.

How long does the underfloor heating install take?

This differs with each floor construction and we will advise on timescales at the quote stage.

What is the best way to use my underfloor heating system?

This depends on the floor construction specified. Floating floors heat up more quickly than screed for example. Our new LoPro®Max floor construction can be used in exactly the same way as a radiator system, without a ‘setback’, because it heats up extremely quickly.
A traditional screed underfloor heating system takes time to heat up from cold so is best used with a ‘setback’ temperature. Your Nu-Heat Technical Account Manager and User Guide will cover this.

What happens if there is a fault or a leak?

There are no joints in the underfloor heating tube laid in the floor and the tube we supply has a design life of over 50 years. So, unless the floor is badly damaged, it is extremely unlikely that there will ever be a leak.

Do you offer product guarantees?

Each product we supply has its own guarantee and our tube has a 50 year product warranty with the first 10 years being insurance backed, covering complete cost of any remedial works and reinstatement. Our tube supplier is quality assured to ISO9001 and our underfloor heating tube is designed to the highest European
industry standards; DIN16892 – general requirement and testing for cross linked polyethylene tubes and DIN4726 – oxygen permeability in heating tubes. Please contact us for more details.

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